Villas for rent in Al Bahia

When searching to rent a villa, what mostly comes to mind is great structural style, the ample interior space, number of rooms and of course the amenities with the villa and green gardens surrounding. Al Bahia villas are the option that combines all these elements together in one place plus a lot more. They offer an opportunity to enjoy villa living in a great area and at half the price of a villa elsewhere. These villas are basically equal to that of living in an apartment in the city as well.

Al Bahia area is a quiet but vibrant coastal community and is one rapidly growing and thriving at its own pace. It is mainly an Emirati community, with a growing group of foreigners setting up home here, as many expats are attracted to Al Bahia villas for rent as the area is considered a cheaper alternative. It is among the many new neighborhoods that have sprung up seemingly straight out of the sand, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. Yet, Al Bahia has a surprising amount of charm in it and offers a good cure for stress in its day- to- day slow- paced life.

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Beautiful Villas for Rent in Al Bahia

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Moreover, Al Bahia is also known as New Bahia or Lower Bahia, and is part of the Shahama area. It is situated along the junction between the E10 and E11 highways; whereas Shahama is more well known, Al Bahia sits just behind it as the neighborhood is nestled between the coast and the E11 motorway. When living in a villa for rent in Al Bahia, you get the advantage of a quiet serene neighborhood and still be in proximity of the city. It is about a 10 minutes' drive from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Al Bahia and a short cheap taxi ride to the fantastic Yas Island.

More and more expatriates have started to move into the area and its superb villas attracted to the many great features. They enjoy the clusters of shops, the friendly area where neighbors greet each other in this close community feel which is a jewel in a metropolitan capital city, specially in Abu Dhabi. Hence, this emerging housing locality offers a fresh lifestyle to its people. The major attraction near the houses for Rent in Al Bahia is the coastal strip with wonderful mangrove plantations and vibrant lush greenery.

You will also find that Al Bahia Villa for Rent is actually an affordable and certainly the most comfortable place to live. Villa living in a peaceful area with the cost of a small apartment in a busy bustling city area, is without a great deal. Such an affordable price of two bed villas is around Dhs50,000, a three bed from Dhs70,000 and a large spacious four bed is from Dhs125,000. Therefore, there is a hardly a better deal than a house for rent in Al Bahia.