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Finding a great flat for rent in Al Ain

Mention Al Ain to anyone and visions of a small, green oasis situated on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, close to the border of Oman, will come to mind. It’s also famous for being the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founding father. And over the years it has become a great place to put down roots and find an apartment for rent.

When you choose to find a home in Al Ain, you choose to continue the 4000 year old tradition of human settlement in the area. According to historical records, the areas around Jebel Hafeet and Al Hili showcase amazing evidence of man’s longstanding presence in the region. So it’s clear that renting in Al Ain is not something new; the only thing new is the kind of housing on offer!

The reason why Al Ain has been consistently growing in popularity is due to its relative rental affordability as compared with other parts of the UAE and Abu Dhabi city. It’s also lush with greenery and lovely parks making it very liveable in a country that is covered mostly in desert sand. Apartments for rent in Al Ain tend to be mostly 1 and 2 bedroom in size but there’s plenty of studio flats and 3 or 4 bedroom flats available for rent. Al Ain is very family friendly so families of all sizes will be welcome anywhere in the city.

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The local population is vibrant and diverse, with a very large concentration of Emiratis and an eclectic mix of expats from around the world. Since apartment buildings are close to one another, you’ll have no shortage of finding neighbours to socialise with in nearby flats. Despite its location, Al Ain boasts plenty of local activities meaning you never need to venture too far for some fun. Try the outdoor activities at Wadi Adventure or check out the animals at Al Ain Zoo. For anyone looking for supercharged fun, the Al Ain Raceway is a must see for go karting action.

Almost all flats for rent in Al Ain come unfurnished or semi furnished (meaning there’s at least a fridge and washing machine in place). Sometimes you’ll find apartments with a few more features like a dishwasher. Within Al Ain, one can find many flats for rent in Al Jimi which is also home to the Al Jimi Mall which was the first mall to open in Al Ain. The general quality of housing in Al Ain is of a high standard and the flats for rent are sought after for this reason.

Since the apartment buildings in Al Ain don’t typically come with any surrounding garden space, residents turn to Al Ain’s many parks and green spaces for recreation. Couple this with affordable rents and you can see why more and more people seek out flats for rent in Al Ain.