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Find the right flat to rent in Al Nahda, Sharjah

Al Nahda Sharjah is an area on the border with Dubai and is famous for being a great affordable place to live whilst commuting to Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE. It’s a small district that shares a namesake across the border which is why when people say they live in Al Nahda, it's important to clarify whether this means Al Nahda Sharjah as the rules for renting a flat in Sharjah are different to those of Dubai.

For this reason, the area is often quite busy and traffic to and from the area during rush hours is regularly chaotic. Still though, residents say the cost savings from cheaper rent in Sharjah make renting in Al Nahda worthwhile.

The flats for rent in Al Nahda Sharjah are unfurnished by default but a few may come as furnished. They suit couples, young professionals and small families and there’s mostly 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom flats for rent. Singles will also find studios for rent which is compact and more affordable for their needs. Families and those who need more space can also find 3 and 4 bedroom flats for rent in Al Nahda Sharjah however these are in short supply.

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ansar mall in al nahda sharjah

Al Nahda Sharjah has the Ansar Mall which is a famous and very popular shopping centre and there’s also an equally busy Lulu Hypermarket for added convenience. As Al Nahda Sharjah is so close to Dubai, residents easily go between Dubai and Sharjah to get the things they need. Not to be outshone by Dubai, Sharjah has plenty of great shops, restaurants and cafes along with a beautiful corniche, museums and cultural events and lots of family centric green spaces and parks which make moving to Sharjah very attractive.

When signing up to rent a flat in Al Nahda Sharjah, you’ll have your rent locked in for a 3 year period and in this time, rent increases are not allowed. The Sharjah Rent Disputes Committee can help resolve any issues with landlords whether they’re attempting to illegally increase rent or evict tenants, amongst other things. Bear in mind that once the 3 year tenancy is up, you can re-sign with your landlord and discuss a new rental amount however rental increases are only allowed after a 2 year period.

Vacancies for flats for rent in Al Nahda Sharjah fill up very fast as the area is in perpetual demand. Be quick and start searching for your next home today!