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All about the flats for rent in Al Qusais

Al Qusais, sometimes spelled Al Ghusais is in east Dubai and a part of Deira, north of the creek and just north of the Dubai International Airport. Although it’s in close proximity to the Dubai International Airport, residents say that it’s not as noisy as one would expect. Al Qusais is nestled between the D93 roads and D95 roads which run parallel to each other.

Al Qusais is separated into 2 areas: Al Qusais Residential (where low rise apartment buildings are found) and Al Qusais Industrial for commercial entities, specifically those in manufacturing and similar businesses.

Flats for rent in Al Qusais Residential are split across Al Qusais 1, Al Qusais 2 and Al Qusais 3 where there are many studio flat, 1 bedroom, 2 room apartment, 3 bedroom flats and so on that is available. Al Qusais is ideal for young professionals, couples and small families. In Al Qusais 1 there is ‘school zone’ where a number of schools and academies are present which is convenient for any families living nearby wishing to send their kids to more local schools.

Other great things about living in Al Qusais include the wide availability of cheap eateries, grocery stores, laundries, banks and public transport options. It certainly makes for very convenient living. In terms of recreation, Al Qusais Pond Park is a local favourite and has a running/jogging track, outdoor gym equipment, shaded areas and kids playground and courts for basketball and soccer. It’s small but doesn’t get too crowded so it’s great for relaxing on weekends.

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Al Qusais has a wide range of affordable apartments to rent

People renting in Al Qusais are never short of shopping options as there’s the Al Mulla Plaza and Lulu Hypermarket nearby that offers excellent one stop shopping. Of course, City Centre Deira isn’t too far away in Dubai and some residents even like to go to Sahara Centre in Sharjah for their shopping needs as it’s also not that far away.

Advice for any future renters in Al Qusais: make copies of all paperwork relating to your tenancy and be sure to submit your EJARI registration soon after you’ve signed your contract as this is an official record of your rental agreement in the eyes of the Dubai Government. In the event you’re being served a notice for a rental increase, check the rental increase calculator for validity.

Al Qusais in general is an older part of Dubai and with the advent of new Dubai and more modern developments, rents in this area are considered more affordable than other areas and this has helped the area remain popular. As such, landlords don’t usually struggle to find tenants. Begin your search for flats for rent in Al Qusais today. It may be far from the bright lights of central Dubai but makes up for that with great convenience at an affordable rate.