How to register your EJARI in Dubai

Ejari Dubai

What is EJARI?

Ejari means “my rent” in Arabic. It is also the name of the system that handles the registration of each tenancy contract within Dubai. People often refer to EJARI as their tenancy contract registration, and other times simply as their tenancy contract, which is why questions like “where do I register my EJARI?” or “how much will my EJARI cost?” come up pretty often in housing-related conversations.

Who is responsible for registering the tenancy contract with EJARI?

Typically, the tenant lodges the tenancy contract with EJARI. However, landlords can also submit the registration, although they are not known to do this often.

Where can I register EJARI?

Most typing centres can assist with registering your EJARI and with the correct paperwork, the process should take about 15-20 minutes, on average. A list of Approved Typing centres can be found on the official EJARI website– however, typing centres not on the list may still be able to help with the process.

Which documents are required for EJARI registration?

It is highly recommended to have adequate copies of the following documents and their originals (where possible):

  • The tenancy contract
  • The security deposit receipt
  • The tenant’s Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • The tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • The tenant’s Emirates ID
  • A copy of the passport of the landlord
  • Copy of Title Deeds of the rented property (or alternatively, Affection Plan issued by the Dubai Municipality)
  • DEWA Premises Number (or copies of recent DEWA bills)
  • For new tenancies, showing proof of DEWA registration or DEWA Connection receipt may suffice.
  • If the Tenant is a company, you are also required to submit the company’s Trade License (in the case of commercial properties)

EJARI registration fees

The cost to register EJARI has been known to vary but is typically 170AED, with a service fee of 40AED. This incorporates fees levied by RERA and the typing centre.

Do I get a receipt of my EJARI registration?

You will receive an EJARI certificate which outlines the details of your tenancy contract in an official capacity.

Can I lodge EJARI online by myself?

At present, the ability to lodge EJARI online has been restricted to typing centres only.

typing centre

Is EJARI compulsory?

Yes, if you fail to register your EJARI, you may not be able to obtain or renew a residency visa for members of your family. Also, if you fail to register EJARI, you will not be able to file a dispute with your landlord as the EJARI certificate will be required, in that case.

Do I have to register EJARI at the start of the tenancy?

It is considered best to register EJARI as soon as possible but it can also be registered at any point during the tenancy.

Do I need to submit a new EJARI even if I am staying in the same residence?

Yes, each time you sign a new tenancy contract, you need to register your EJARI.

EJARI is an important part of the tenancy process and the rental experience in Dubai. It seeks to uphold and guarantee the legal rights of both the landlord and the tenant and provides a clear outline of the rental agreement within the confines of Dubai’s real estate laws. When you register your EJARI, you help maintain a system designed to be fair to all the parties involved.