The ultimate renter’s checklist

Get these 10 things in order before you sign your lease, and you are well on your way to happily ever after.

  • Budget

Set a realistic budget and stick to it. Consider the cost of your monthly rental, initial deposit, moving expenses, and utility bills. Search for property to rent on propertyfinder by browsing a selection of homes based on your personal criteria for property price, property type, and size.

  • Size

Consider an apartment or villa that meets but does not exceed your space needs. If you’re single, renting a two bedroom apartment might seem kind of frivolous. On the other hand, you might consider investing in a three bedroom property if you live with your family.

  • Location

Is the location an easy commute to work? What are the nearby schools? How close is the property to other amenities, such as shops and transport links? By using the Area Guides on, most of your questions could be answered in a few clicks and you can narrow down your search.

  • Utilities

As per law No. 26 of 2006 Article (16), the rent should include utilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, sports halls, health clubs, and parking, unless agreed otherwise. Don’t forget to check if parking, heating, water, electricity, cable or the internet connection are also included in the cost of rent.

  • Pets?

If you have a pet or intend to get one, find out the building and landlord’s rules on pets before you move in. Dubai might not seem like the ideal environment for your pet, but having a pet in this city is not impossible.

  • The inspection

Do not let your enthusiasm deceive you. Run the taps, the bathtub, and the shower. Check for leaks and make sure the doors lock and the windows function properly. Do the lights work? Are there enough electric sockets?  Look for any damage and ask for repairs to be made BEFORE you move in so that you are not responsible for repairs later.

  • The agent

Ask for the agent’s business card to confirm that he or she is a RERA certified broker and not a freelancer. You might find the Find Agent section useful at this point, as only RERA-verified agents are featured on Propertyfinder.

  • The landlord

As per law No. 26 of 2006 Article (16), it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the property is in livable condition before the tenant moves in.  Request to see a copy of the landlord’s passport, title deed, or proof of ownership. Make sure you also ask for a copy of the cheques issued to the landlord with the landlord’s signature on the receipt.

  • The upfront costs

The agent’s commission and deposit you will be required to pay should be no more than five percent of the annual rent.

  • The lease

Ensure that the lease is an Ejari contract and contains a lease break clause, maintenance responsibilities, parking details, insurance, and liability.

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