Apartments for rent in Dubai Sports City

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Renting an apartment in Dubai Sports City

Mention Sports City to anyone and images of stadiums, parks and sports themed areas will quickly come to mind. That’s exactly what Dubai Sports City is; a home for sports and sports minded people.

It is located in Dubai Land, just off Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and is a place where Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Rugby Park and the Els Golf Course are located. In and amongst all of this are plenty of apartment buildings with all types of apartments for rent.

Although it was built with sports in mind, it is not exclusive to this and there’s a growing variety of retail and dining options available in the area. Naturally for sports buffs, its location is perfect as major sporting events are within arm’s reach and since Dubai aims to host as many sporting events as possible, one will be absolutely spoilt for choice!

Similarly, the rental apartments in Dubai Sports City are plentiful and in a refreshing change to many other parts of Dubai, one can easily find furnished apartments for rent in the area. Of course if you’d like to furnish your apartment yourself you’re free to do so with the many unfurnished rentals available too.

dubai sports city location map
dubai sports city from the air

Since Dubai Sports City is close to 2 major arterial highways, it makes getting in and around Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE very convenient. Apart from the parks and sporting options around, there’s also schools and a large shopping mall nearby. It certainly makes Sports City attractive for families with plenty of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments on offer. If you do need more space, you’ll have to look extra hard for a 4 bedroom place or consider looking elsewhere.

Within Dubai Sports City, popular area to rent an apartment include Elite Sports Residence and Giovanni Boutique Suites where the quality of housing is of a very high standard. In keeping with the sports theme, many apartment buildings within Dubai Sports City have been name after certain sports including Wimbledon Tower, Golf View Residence, Ice Hockey, Tennis Tower and Cricket Tower. It certainly makes the area very unique in this regard and for the sports fanatic, this may well prove to be the deciding factor on where to live within Dubai Sports City.

Dubai Sports City presents a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to rent an apartment away from the major hustle and bustle of the emirate. Finding a top quality apartment for rent in Dubai Sports City is easy; you just need to decide which side you’re on!