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Finding a studio Apartment for rent in Dubai

Dubai is a highly attractive city that draws in all sorts of people looking for fun, fame and fortune. From tourists to workers to investors, the city has a lot to offer anyone no matter what they seek.

Families certainly enjoy the great lifestyle that Dubai provides but what about those who are single or who live here without their families? They too can live a comfortable life in Dubai and the city caters quite well to their specific needs like furnished apartments.

Studio apartments for rent are common and highly sought after due to their affordability and practicality. Living on your own means less space requirements however there’s still a great desire to save on rental costs. A studio helps facilitate this quite nicely and Dubai has no shortage of them.

Due to the dynamic nature of Dubai and the fact that workers are spread out across the emirate, rental studios can be found all over the city. Popular areas like Bur Dubai and Deira to the north remain in constant high demand whilst more newer areas such as Dubai Marina, Dubai Sports City and Jumeirah Lakes Towers are popular with those working to the south of the emirate. For anyone looking at a more central location, you may wish to look at studios in DIFC, Business Bay and Downtown Dubai. Or if you’d like something with a very distinct design, consider International City to the north of the emirate.

Finding a studio flat for rent in Dubai
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The studios in Dubai tend to typically be about 500 sq ft however you may find some that are a little smaller and even some that are larger, coming in around 1000 sq ft. More often than not, studio apartments that are up for rent come unfurnished but many investors and landlords have opted to kit out their studios to lure in tenants looking for quick, easy living. Of course, if you choose an unfurnished studio apartment for rent in Dubai, you’ll have no trouble finding the right things to decorate your new flat with. Some Rental studios in Dubai start at around 30,000 AED and can go upwards of 90,000 AED for more modern, upscale apartments.

When renting a studio in Dubai, it’s important for both landlords and tenants to know about rights and obligations. Dubai has a rental disputes centre which can help handle issues that may come about however knowledge of how rentals work in Dubai is an invaluable asset that will carry you in good stead whether you choose to rent a studio for the short or long term. Always make sure your paperwork is in order and it’s always a great idea to check out the rental calculator when your tenancy contract is up for renewal.

All in all, renting a studio in Dubai has become a lot easier and there’s a lot more to choose from, no matter where you wish to live in Dubai!