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International City is a large mixed purpose property development situated near the Dubai International Airport. It is called International City as its many clusters have been designed to resemble the country it has been named after eg China Cluster, France Cluster, Russia Cluster. It’s comprised of mostly flats of varying sizes and a good mixture of shops, restaurants and cafes. Covering an area of 800 hectares it is a very large sprawling development that is well known across Dubai.

International City has long been considered a viable alternative for anyone looking at highly cost effective housing. Master developer Nakheel planned to launch International City with the goal of providing affordable, comfortable accommodation and it has lived up to its reputation.

The flats for rent in International City start off as studio apartments around 500 sq ft and move through to 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments which are approximately 1600 sq ft. Most International City flats for rent are leased out as unfurnished but you can find some furnished or semi furnished apartments, courtesy of landlords wishing to draw in and retain tenants. 

Flats in Emirates Cluster are quite popular and have been designed with the local Emirati culture in mind. Apartments in the Spain and Italy Clusters retain their trademark Mediterranean look whilst the China Cluster has iconic Asian-style designs. 

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The famous Dragon Mart is located within the International City district and is one of the largest wholesale malls in the world where just about anything from hardware to clothing to toys, furniture and electronics can be purchased. It’s popular with locals and tourists alike.

Many families choose to rent flats in International City and call it their home. International City is situated just off Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road and Al Awir Road making it very accessible to schools and parks nearby along with Dubai’s famous shopping malls.

Dubai has strong legislation when it comes to renting and has a rental index which governs how much rent can be increased by. Both landlords and tenants should make use of the RERA rental calculator to understand if a rental increase is allowed and if so, by how much. In the event a landlord and tenant cannot resolve their differences, a rental dispute case can be filed and the rental disputes committee can step in to help. This is one of many ways that the government of Dubai has tried to make renting easier for everyone.

International City is a dynamic part of Dubai with a very diverse community and equally unique design and layout. Ideally suited to young professionals and workers, it is affordable and conveniently located. Families can also make good use of International City however they may prefer to rent a villa in Dubai which would give them more space. is the best place to find a great flat for rent in International City so start searching today!