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Properties for rent in International City, Dubai

International City offers numerous rent properties that revolve around affordable living in a flourishing residential district. There are over 22,000 residences, that include spacious studios, one- bedroom apartments, and more, all spread throughout ten unique, distinctly themed precincts. Dubai’s International City is set out in country themed architecture zones that are called clusters namely being: England, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, China, Emirates, Persia, Greece, Morocco, Thailand Indonesia, and Central Business District (CBD) and some other private residential units.

This wide assemblage of uniquely designed clusters is Spread over a massive area of 800 hectares of land which equals to 8 million square meters. The project is of Nakheel, which is owned by the Dubai Government. Due to the rapidly rising number of newcomers to the emirate, projects such as international City were planned in order to fill the need for proper housing and also lower prices for property for rent than other areas.

Distinguished Properties for Rent in International City, Dubai
Enjoy Living in International City Properties for Rent

Enjoy Living in International City Properties for Rent

Many professionals and expats seek apartments in International City, Dubai for their convenient price and styles as well. The various clusters are most famous for their studios and one room apartments, which are most sought after by professionals and singletons from distinct nationalities around the globe. However, in CBD two bed and 3 bed apartments are available, which widens the margins of residential units in the districts, allowing families also to be comfortably accommodated. Additionally, the area has matured and is developed with added residential units of luxury and sophistication, such as the Villas in International City, Dubai. This further extends the horizon of accommodation in the city for families, executives, and whoever might have a taste for lavishness.

Furthermore, Houses in International City, Dubai though might seem very much city like in such a multinational modern metropolis, are quite vibrant and beautifully laid out in a great setting. The area is filled with greenery in lush communal spaces with beautiful plants and flowers adding life and brightness to the community. Residents in International City Properties for rent get an array of outdoor activities and access to sports facilities they can enjoy in a serene natural setting that seems as if miles away from the hectic city life. The tranquil environment of the lake, is great together with efficient community infrastructure.

In addition to International City Property for rent, the development also houses over 5,000 retail units that sit on the ground floors of the 387 buildings. They offer residents a range of essential community services and stores, from cozy cafes and restaurants to conveniently located supermarkets, laundries and offices. As the area is also a perfect place for businesses, Commercial spaces in International City, Dubai provide various opportunities for those looking to settle in a thriving city.