Apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City

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Apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City

Said to be a "city-within-a-city", Dubai Festival City is the Middle East's largest mixed-use development. It is a huge residential, business and entertainment development in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. all elements that might come to mind for work, living, and leisure are contained within the project. Festival City comprises a series of residential communities, numerous luxury hotels, extravagant malls, a golf course and many other entertainment sites and water activities, as well as a full suite of public services, including schools. All those factors and many more made Dubai Festival City apartments for rent among the most sought for accommodation in the area.


Dubai Festival City is a premier waterfront, urban community that has been designed to capture the incredible ground breaking 21st Century essence of Dubai. It is a Creekside mixed use destination that offers a supreme community lifestyle with modern luxury, comfort and convenience. Dubai Festival City is designed to be three distinctive districts; Marsa Al Khor, Festival Centre and Al Badia. All three districts are connected by an impressive internal road network and an amazing wide Creekside walkway.

Developments in this Festival City offer a rich and vibrant living experience that integrates the finest lifestyle any accommodations have to offer. Among the most common types of residences are apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City. Apartments come in all shapes and sizes depending on the preference of the residents. The location is also great, being in the heart of Dubai. Apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City, come with amenities and very useful facilities. There are also numerous easily accessible places with many pleasures, such as: Shopping - Festival Centre, Dining - largest F&B offering in Dubai and many restaurants, Entertainment and Leisure with water activities and cruises, Schools - Two international schools, Commercial Offices, Automotive, 24/7 City Management, and much more as the city is constantly in progress. 

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Dubai apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City

Apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City are set in lush, private, landscaped gardens, and architecturally distinct Mediterranean style low-rise apartments. Not only is there a luxurious exterior and surrounding but also an equal interior when getting furnished apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City. Furnished apartments are an easy way for a ready stylish home set by world class standards. Also very delightful are serviced apartments for rent in Dubai Festival City. They are fully furnished and available for both short- term and long- term stays. They are similar to hotels in that service apartments provide all the hotel- like amenities such as having room service, a fitness center, a laundry room and more. They can be convenient for expats and working staff or even visitors.

However, for a less expensive and still lavish residence, a studio for rent in Dubai Festival City is the perfect choice. It is a modern sophisticated 1 room apartment that is known to be quiet affordable. There many more apartment for rent on Propertyfinder guaranteed to meet the need of every one looking for a home in Dubai.