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All about the many apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens

As one of the many developments by Nakheel, Discovery Gardens is a unique residential area located in the south of Dubai going towards Jebel Ali. It’s a stone's throw from JLT and Dubai Marina. As the name indicates, there are many landscaped gardens and green spaces across this 26 million square feet residential development where there are multi-size apartments for rent across 6 clusters with garden-like names: Mediterranean, Mogul, Cactus, Zen Mesoamerican and Contemporary.

The area is considered free hold so this means many foreigners and non UAE nationals snapped up the chance to buy an apartment in Discovery Gardens as part of relaxation in Dubai property ownership laws. The apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens are available as studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom flats and are well suited to young professionals, couples and small families. Larger families will find that although the parks are useful for the children, the apartments may not cater to their needs for more space.

Residents of Discovery Gardens enjoy the local facilities like swimming pools, sports courts for tennis, volleyball and basketball as well as running tracks and kids play areas. The whole concept of Discovery Gardens is to create a living area that is in harmony with the environment and much of the development consists of beautifully curated landscapes and gardens which make for great picnic area or casual games of catch. Discovery Gardens is situated right next to the Ibn Battuta Mall which is the 2nd largest mall in Dubai and designed after the travels of famous Arabian traveller Ibn Battuta. 

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There’s also lots of small grocery stores, salons, pharmacies and medical centres in the area so residents need not stray too far for the necessities.

In terms of popularity, apartments for rent in the Mediterranean cluster are in high demand and take on a style of the same name. The Zen cluster apartments are in an area with gardens taking inspiration from the zen gardens of Japan. The Mughal Empire’s wonderfully manicured gardens were kept in mind when the gardens in the Mogul cluster were developed and this area is also another favourite.

Discovery Gardens as a whole is a close community that has all the amenities you could want, the convenience you expect and with comfort in mind - at affordable rents that many people find favourable.

Remember to check the RERA rental increase calculator if you’re ever given notice of a rental increase by your landlord. It helps determine the validity and scale of any rent increase. But don’t lose heart if you’re unable to resolve any issues with your landlord as you can file a rent dispute case and have the matter heard by the Rental Disputes Committee at their HQ in Deira.

Apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens don’t stay vacant for long so if you’d like to make it your next home, start your search today! Don’t forget to register your EJARI so your tenancy is officially recorded with the Dubai Government.