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4.2 /5

Building 38 to Building 107

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Resident reviews

4.6 /5
Good community for families
Its good community for families specially. There is playing area for children and swimming pool is there. Good parking area. Only thing that i want to mention is that there is no gym. If they will put community gym as well then it will be really nice area to live.
4.7 /5
Discovery Gardens - Beautiful place for nature lovers!!
There is a saying - a beautiful life begins at home - his becomes true when you stay in discovery gardens. The. Location has got beautiful greenery because there is no greater beauty than what we can see in nature .The building I stay is nicely colored and maintained . The rooms are big with lots of space for kids to run about under the eyes of the occupants.It was perfect for us , kid- friendly, and as a couple of expat families as neighbors it makes even better with the get togethers. definitely a highly recommended place for nature lovers . Coming home after office/school should be most beautiful thing for everyone .
5 /5
This community is the beast place for family and children
Discovery Garden is a garden paradise true to its name and a nice place to stay with family. It is a modern residential community that opens up a cosmopolitan world of sophisticated living and offers integrated living at its best. An exceptional residential community located in Jebel Ali, Discovery Gardens consists of six themed districts, each with its own distinctive character, capturing different elements of nature’s rich diversity – (Zen, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Mogul, Mesoamerican and Cactus).
3.1 /5
There is ac cooling to make tennant unhappy
There is a smell to get outside
3.6 /5
Discovery Garden
Community is family oriented and better place for children. Lots of greenery around and ample parking space. Supermarkets and shops are near by. Less noisy and less traffic congestion.

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