All about the flats for rent in Jebel Ali

Mention Jebel Ali and most people think of industry, construction, the port and even the Palm Jebel Ali. But many don’t think of it as an area to rent a flat and that’s exactly what you can do in Jebel Ali alongside running business.

Jebel Ali itself is a huge district in the southwest of Dubai and is home to JAFZA, the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. By definition its a port town and serves as a very important part of the local and national economy. In JAFZA, international companies and non UAE nationals are permitted to set up businesses and companies and enjoy the benefits of operating in Dubai. Jebel Ali is also home to the world’s largest desalination plant which helps quench the region’s thirst.

Now when it comes to renting a flat in Jebel Ali, it’s not in the busy parts of the district where there’s trucks, containers, warehouses and lots of commercial activity. It’s found more in land and touches areas like Discovery Gardens and The Gardens. Due to its location, it’s really suited to workers and young professionals and the flats available for rent are designed in this manner. The most common flat types available in Jebel ALi are studios and 1 bedroom flats with some 2 bedroom flats also on the market. Flat sharing is common too but one needs to abide by Dubai’s laws on cohabitation and also in accordance with the terms on your tenancy contract which may not allow for flat sharing of any sort.

jebel ali location map
jebel ali port in dubai

What’s it like to rent a flat in Jebel Ali?

The recently opened Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) is nearby and that works out to be convenient for anyone residing in the area who wishes to travel a lot. Noise from the airport is something to consider so if you’re looking to live in Jebel Ali, try driving into and around the area at different times of the day to see what it’s like.

Renting in Jebel Ali is like renting anywhere else in Dubai where the rental laws of the emirate take full effect. Landlords are expected to abide by the rental index and only increase rent as per the rental increase calculator. Should a dispute arise and you need to file a rental dispute case, you’ll need your EJARI certificate so it’s best to submit your EJARI registration soon after signing your tenancy contract in case you need it.

Jebel Ali is not quite the place for families to move into, at least not for now. But as it’s where the World Expo 2020 site is and where the Palm Jebel Ali is, expect the area to become even more favourable to families with more facilities, amenities and conveniences in the years to come. So now you know that Jebel Ali is more than just a port!