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Al Quoz is an area in Dubai, nestled between Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. It’s famous for being an industrial part of town with mechanics workshops, warehouses and commercial properties but it’s actually also a thriving residential neighbourhood that has seen vast improvements in recent years. Although many villas have been built, there’s a growing number of apartment buildings being developed in the area which are a great alternative housing option.

Al Quoz 3 is the industrial section of the area with Al Quoz 1, 2 and 3 reserved for residential developments. However in recent times, flats for rent in Al Quoz have sprung up in Al Quoz 2, specifically in the Al Khail Gate development. Flats for rent in Al Quoz are suitable for both young professionals, couples and small families as they’re mostly 1, 2 and 3 bedroom in size with a few studios thrown in for good measure. By and large the apartments are leased out unfurnished and tenants need to bring everything of their own. Sometimes an apartment may have a fridge, washing machine and stove/oven and even a dishwasher though this may vary from apartment to apartment. Since most apartments for rent in Al Quoz are part of the Al Khail Gate residential apartment development, one can expect a high level of quality with fitouts at an affordable price. You can check out apartments for rent in Al Khail Gate here.

Despite being close to the industrial zone, residents say that noise levels are very low and there’s no worry about trucks and machinery disturbing the peace. In fact, residents quite like the fact that Al Quoz is minutes away from Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall and Times Square Centre.

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It’s got lots of shops and cafes coming up everywhere and interestingly has many art spaces where warehouses have been converted into galleries and coworking areas. Al Quoz may be known for being industrial but it’s also got a reputation for being an artistic, sometimes hipster hub!

If you’re keen to rent an apartment in Al Quoz, consider visiting the area at different times of the day to get a feel for what it will be like live there. Also keep in mind that although rent is currently relatively affordable in Al Quoz, it may change as the market changes however if you do get served a rental notice by your landlord, check that it is not within 90 days of your contract expiring. According to Dubai’s rental laws, there is a range for each rental increase for every property type and area in Dubai. Use the rental calculator to check if your landlord is even allowed to increase or if the increase is within the confines of the law. If things don’t add up and you’re unable to come to an agreement with your landlord, you’re within your right to file a rental dispute case for further review and resolution. But make sure you have your EJARI registration done as you'll need an EJARI certificate for this!

As always though, keeping good relations with your landlord and knowing your rights are important for anyone who is renting an apartment in Al Quoz or anywhere else in Dubai for that matter. Start looking at flats for rent in Al Quoz today and snap up the chance to live in a very unique part of Dubai.