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2.4 /5

C3 Tower

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Resident reviews

4.3 /5
Marina Bay 2- C3
Overall this building is best in City of Lights. Professional security and maintenance staff. Very fast and well maintained lifts. Cleanliness is best
1.7 /5
Cant park, ceiling leaks
The car park is so small it is almost impossible to get your car around the tight corner if you have anything bigger than a mini. The swimming pool is closed more than it is open. They have removed every other lightbulb in the corridor and the car park the place is dark and gloomy to live. I have had a constant leak in my toilet for two years and given up trying to get someone to fix it as they just waste my time and do not have a scooby do as to what they are doing. also they need to put a speed bump or sme crossing signs outside, i have been nearly run over by speeding cars getting to missed appointinemtns at Addax tower. it is not a good place to live. so depressing.
1.3 /5
Worst experience of my life & Cant wait to move out in MAY!!!
Still no gym in C3 after 3 years!!!! C3 tower resident have to use c2 gym which has very few equipment half of which is broken down. Pool is closed for maintenance more often that it is open....Lobby furniture arrived 2.5 years after they opened the building. Very bad facility management. Parking ramps are too narrow and there is no way a toyota land-cruiser can make it up to level 01.......Worst experience of my life & Cant wait to move out in MAY!!!

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