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Hydra Avenue Towers reviews
3.3 /5

Hydra Avenue Towers

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Resident reviews

3.3 /5
Hydra Avenue Towers
Big issue with people who are parking car outside towers. Maintenance could be with a faster service. Facilities are OK, except that ladies could get a glass tinted gym.
2.1 /5
A nice busy location with a company that is not very fair with his clients, admins fees keep rising and rising, they are not in-line with other buildings that are more luxurious.
4.4 /5
Hydra Avenue Towers
Ideal Community Living with all leisure amenities to suit the entire family. Calm and serene environment. uninterrupted Water and Mangrove views are pleasant for the eyes every time. Night views of City of Lights are splendid. Overall good residential towers with huge spaces inside and outside.
3.9 /5
Hydra Avenue tower
The property has a good location, however the building facilities still not functioning. the price of property is competitive.
2.7 /5
Hydra - in progress
The facade is still not cleaned..so even if you paid for the view. ..you dont have it...pool is not even close to be finished..gym either...workers are all over the place..but at least security and cleaners do they job well...its not bad..but no amenities

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