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3.4 /5

Beach Towers

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Resident reviews

3.9 /5
Excellent Property
Well i am living in this property for more then 6 years and i love it.All amenities are great staff are great great maintenance and security.i will be living more years
2.6 /5
Most probably the best layout on Reem Island but...
This building has most probably the best quality finishings on Reem Island and very spacious layouts depending on the options you are getting however it is really terrible from parking point of view. Basically no option for guests and almost no option to have an additional parking for rent. Also the road in front of the building is very loud and disturbs your night sleeps. We just want to go away now from here.
4.4 /5
The best place to live in Reem Island
Direct access to the beach Great finishing Great surroundings Great balconies
2 /5
Haunted with noise - an engineer's review
As an engineer I know that the building has been built with single slab floors. Meaning, that noise from above travels unhindered down the building. The pipes from the above bathrooms leads straight into the false ceiling of the units below. Noises such as toilet flushing, children stamping, pets crawling, and the occasional dropping objects on the floor all can be heard from the neighbours above. Another disadvantage is the transfer of cooking smells from one unit into the other. Let this be a caution for all people that expect a quiet and peaceful environment.
4.1 /5
Excellent property for all
Beach Towers is a great place for singles, couples or families. There is a small gym, sauna and steam room, and a medium-sized pool with kiddie pool on the grounds. All are very well maintained and staffed. The covered parking for residents is plentiful, as is the extra parking for guests around the buildings. During the evening and night, the road traffic and noise is minimal. Sometimes there is construction noise depending on the phase of a project. Units that face north have a great view of the Gulf from their balconies and units that face south have views of the pool and mangroves. Ther ware few other occupied buildings around the property, so there is plenty of space to walk outdoors or take your pets. There is also a small fenced-in area for children to play with a gym set and trampoline. Maintenance is consistent and I never notice anything in disarray or with considerable wear. I enjoy having a secured entry with doorman and the location on Al Reem is only minutes away from Abu Dhabi Mall, the Corniche, and Saadiyat and Yas Islands. A great place to live!

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