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4.1 /5

Alvorada 1

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Resident reviews

4 /5
Love the Le Grand
While LGC is one of the older buildings in JVC, it is still one of the best! The security is good, maintenance is taken care of promptly, they gym and pool are spacious and very well maintained, the properties are spacious with great balconies, and there is a good mix of people living there. All in all I love living there and recommend the building to anyone who appreciates good quality.
4.6 /5
Le Grand Chateau, JVC 2
Excellent property and good value for money
3.9 /5
Le Grande Chateau townhouse
Good size place, lovely internal courtyard lets in a lot of natural light and fresh air all year. We have to pay separately for access to the pool and gym located in the apartment block, but they are great facilities.

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