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3.8 /5

Executive Towers

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Resident reviews

3.7 /5
The Place To live
Nice building love to live here, but guest parking must be inside also. And if the apartments entrance from the other side it may be much good because most people think that the entrance is like that.
3 /5
Executive Tower features and benefits
The best thing about this complex is that it is a family friendly area with nurseries and play area for the kids and retail and restaurants for the family entertainment and lots of visitor parking.
1.4 /5
It is an excellent property with good view and in down town and in a nice location. I love my property too much. thank you
Maintenance from Taziz level should be improved
4.4 /5
Great airy and spacious apartment with stunning view in familly friendly comunity
I love great range of various facilities offered in comunity. Maintanance and management responsivness to various complaints may be quicker and prompter
3 /5
Executive Towers - Not so Executive
The building looked out and had a Burj Khalifa view with a wonderful skyline. The apartments are spacious (3 bedroom) however the area are starting to show their age internally. Access to the towers is through the car parks and it is difficult to walk through to gain access for guests getting confused on which tower is which tower. The towers have a good pool and gym area but these underwent poor maintenance and at times could not be accessed due to faults. The rents in my eyes reached a silly price for the overall offering and was based purely on location.

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