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4.5 /5

Park Tower A

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Resident reviews

4.4 /5
Best value for money property in DIFC
Having spent four years at Park Towers, I think that Park Towers has one of the best offering in DIFC for its price range. The pool and barbecue area are exceptional and an amazing place to host guests visiting. The building is extremely well located within the gate avenue - the carrefour supermarket is only a couple of minutes walk away. You can also cross the gate avenue very easily to access the metro. Highly recommend if you are looking at moving in DIFC.
4.9 /5
Best value for money property in DIFC
I have lived in Park Towers for 4 years and we have enjoyed our experience. In our opinion, Park Towers offers the best value for money facilities in DIFC. The pool and barbecue area are big plus of the building and with the new gate avenue, Park Towers sits right in the middle with Carrefour just a stone throw away. You can also easily cross gate avenue and reach the metro station very quickly.
4.1 /5
Excellent overall
Used to live there, amazing location and facilities.

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