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29 Burj Boulevard Tower 2 reviews
4.3 /5

29 Burj Boulevard Tower 2

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Resident reviews

4.9 /5
29 blvrd very luxury tower
looks like 5 star hotel not regular rsidental tower very luxury life style, stylish reception, great maintance,, top location next to most improtant iconic mall, tower, opera, resturant, living new eperience ,.
3.9 /5
Good place to live.
I lived in Boulevard 29 Tower 2 building for 2 years. It's an amazing building close to supermarket, pharmacy Dubai Mall and Fountains. Building management staff are very friendly and finishing of the building is very well as well. Only negative thing about building is the gym. The Gym is very small and there is not so many equipments if you are hitting the gym regularly. No guess parking is avaliable for the residents and noise from constructions near to Tower 1 may be disturbin.
4.9 /5
One of the best towers in downtown
One the best towers in downtown. It is more like 5 star hotel, great facility, wonderful swimming pool and close to all downtown activity. It is a luxury living style tower.
4.3 /5
Great area
Good park for family, a lot of activities in the area.
4.6 /5
Calm area
Very nice area with amazing views of the fountain and Burj Khalifa
4.3 /5
Amazing Place
I have lived at 29 Boulevard for a year and a half now and it is an amazing building from a maintenance perspective. It looks like a hotel when you walk in the entrance and the apartments are very well done. The staff are so lovely and friendly and make the building feel extremely safe. The pool area has full burj khalifa view making it rather spectacular. Also the location in general is great. Construction and road noise around the property is my only downside to note.
3.6 /5
29Blvd Tower Review
Tower is good in quality.Look is good,Presentable Lobby.Security is maintenance Fees are high,Traffic is bad in that area,Exit Entry should be improved for the traffic.Towers Lay out specially for 2 Bedrooms are not good.View from the property is OK

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