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3.7 /5

Boulevard Central Tower 2

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How do residents score Boulevard Central Tower 2 in the following categories?
Staff / Security
Gym / pool
Children friendly
Traffic near property
Guest parking

Resident reviews

1.7 /5
Worst building we have ever lived in Downtown
Except of the well equipped gym and pool, there is absolutely nothing positive about this building. Since we have moved in (two months ago), we have never ending issues.. Security is high (In a very short time you will start to feel that you have jailed yourself). The security staff are constantly making issues to the visitors and everybody has to pass "their checklist"!. They make the lives of tenants unnecessarily difficult :( Guest parking? Forget about it.. In general, the area is nice but not around this building. It's extremely noisy from the service road (24/7 disruption) and despite of complaints, nothing has been done. Good advice - Choose another building!
4.1 /5
Great apartments
Nice pool and gym.friendly neighbors and staffs.
3.4 /5
Good but not worth the money. Facilities are great, property is luxurious, and residents and staff are friendly. Maintenance is awful though and poor communication between brokers and maintenance companies
4.4 /5
Boulevard central is good for a family
Excellent mid rise building with not much crowd, ideal for a family and walking distance to all around.
4.7 /5
Excellent central location close to everything youd want to be close to. With amenities nearby though you can expect to be hit with the traffic of Downtown Dubai