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3.6 /5

The Signature

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3.4 /5
Great location, amazing apartment layouts, proximity to groceries and landmarks. Best for short term stays. Long term living has its downsides, unless work place is close (my case). Huge noise and light pollution, insufficient sound insulation, slow lifts, waste water collection by cistern trucks. Limitations on access for cleaners, external maintenance companies and guests. Nevertheless, I love the place and the neighborhood and plan to stay another year.
4 /5
Prime location - Great surronding
It is a good place. Very near to Burj Khalifa, Fountain and Mall. Staff are good and friendly. Although the nearby building noise is somewhat disturbing I have an overall good experience of living here.
2.1 /5
poor management
Very poor quality service. The management is very unfriendly and discriminates between long term residents and those who stays for short term. No porterage or concierge services for long term residence. if it happens you went for shopping or came from airport, the porters ask for your flat number first, if they know you are long term tenant, they put your luggage or shopping bags down on the floor and leave you alone. If you have visitors, they make their life hell to park unless they pay for valet parking service. Access to the property is only via long dusty road through a building site, full of dirts, noise (day and night), running workers / builders and ugly looking busses. The access to car park is very narrow; you will scratch your car at least once a week. The building doesn't have a service lift; it is not uncommon to be squeezed by sweaty & smelly hotel maids wearing ugly grey uniform. The gym is OK, but the pool is uncovered, so you will inhale dust and swim in a murky water. The management, have a shuttle bus every hour to Dubai mall. It was OK till appointed a new driver who stops in the street to pick up his friends or workers; they sit beside you with their dusty clothes. Damac, is supposed to be the 2nd largest property developer in UAE, I am sure they are not aware of the poor service in Damac Maison "The signature". I have to admit, not a single tenant or hotel resident, who I met, was happy.
4.3 /5
Prime Location and luxurious apartmet
Perfect interior design! This must be rented! Good location and easy access to the retail shops and in Dubai Mall. Furniture is beautiful and unit is very clean...
4.3 /5
Excellent property
This is surely one of the best properties in Dubai

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