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4.2 /5

South Ridge 5

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4.7 /5
Six year Resident
I've been living in Tower 5 since May of 2013 having lived in Residence and DIFC's Sky Gardens prior to moving here. Unless I could get myself a Kite Beach villa, I wouldn't live anywhere else. The finishing is great, the maintenance has remained stellar throughout the community maintaining a high standard, the Park in front makes a huge difference on an everyday basis, the Gym and pool (1 of each per 3 towers) has remained the best I've seen in a practical and classy sense without the excess you often see in communities in Dubai that are all fluff and no substance - 2 large gyms with any machines you'd need. I think that construction may still be an issue on the business bay side of towers 3 and 4, but even that is almost all done. The location is also perfect as you are downtown without the downtown traffic - It is very easy to get in and out via Biz bay and Asayel road. There is plenty of parking, but it is metered - and apartments under 1500 sqft only get one parking spot, which is annoying. I have to say that I really do like it here. It's also important to add that this place is less transient, most of my neighbours have been around for years as well. in Tower 5, 02 units (2beds) and 03 units (3 beds) are the best noise wise - they are corner units and as such, you really can't hear anyone else and can be as loud as you want - the balcony privacy also quite nice with no one one your left and right - but overall you can feel the benefits of only having 5 apartments per floor.
3.3 /5
Avoid Tower 5.
South Ridge is a perfect area, but try to avoid tower 5. Specifically rooms facing Al Asayel street. Noise is constant and comes at night and during the day. Building by itself is so bad, that you can hear everything happening not only from the street, but as well in your neighbors apartments. Apartment looks perfect on the photos and in reality it was mediocre really - stinky fridge, greasy kitchen, scratchy surface, dusty carpets etc, The cleaning service of the room was appallingly bad as well. For the price it should be much much better. Though possibly it was my bad experience with the particular room.
5 /5
Very quiet area,convenient and comfortable.
4 /5
Gym and swimming pool
Great gym also the swimming pool.securities and staffs are very kind.
4.6 /5
Good infrastructure
Staffs and security is 24/7 on time
3.6 /5
Only two weeks all good very nice environment. Enjoying it so far. No negative comments.
Only two weeks all good very nice environment. Enjoying it so far. No negative comments.

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