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Dubai Creek Residence Tower 1 South reviews
3 /5

Dubai Creek Residence Tower 1 South

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Resident reviews

5 /5
Nice visit
I have great trip to view 2 units property with Mr Shahid Ali fame agent dealing nicely they have great knowledge about specific properties
2.3 /5
HIGH volume external music noise levels from Vida hotel - residents unable to sleep and complaints totally ignored
There is no respect by Vida hotel for the DCH residents - external music is played at the maximum volume nearly every night. Even after numerous complaints by the DCH residents Vida hotel does NOTHING - Vida is supposed to be a hotel not an outdoor nightclub. Do NOT consider living here with children - impossible for them to sleep. Many outdoor weddings/parties on the terrace and the music until late at full volume. Vida's priority is to make budget but there are thousands of residents at DCH - why is their happiness/sleep sacrificed for this hotel. Residents have already complained to Emaar, the Dubai municipality and even to the Dubai health authority as the lack of sleep due to noise is now causing health problem for DCH residents and their children. Live somewhere else - the view does not help you sleep at night.
1.7 /5
Vida hotel makes loud NOISE not respecting surrounding residents complaints
Vida hotel has no respect for residents - high noise levels even late at night (ear plugs are not enough). Impossible to open the windows in the apartments due to weddings, parties etc... on their terrace. Many complaints made by Dubai creek harbour residents to Vida and even Emaar which are just ignored. Vida hotel said that even their hotel guests complain! It is a shame as Dubai creek harbour could be a nice living environment but noise levels must be respected.

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