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3.7 /5

Botanica Tower

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3.4 /5
Resident review
Having lived in the tower for the past 4,5 years I can say that overall if your demands are not overly high the tower is generally ok. However, there are a few points you need to consider: parking ramps are extremely narrow, you will have heart attack each time you need to go on the ramps. If you have a small to medium car you will be ok, if you have a large/ long car - not a pleasant experience. Pool is not heated as mentioned in the previous review, just temperature of the water coming in the pool in winter will be higher, however on a chilly day water will be on a colder side, point to consider if you are a swimmer, in winter most of the time I felt cold in water. In general they try to maintain the tower, however if something goes wrong in your apartment don’t count on any help from engineering crew of the tower, they will simply direct you to outside companies. I had problem with sewage once, without even trying to do anything they told me I must call plumber. I ended up going to ACE, buying a plunger for 10 dirham and fixing the problem myself as it was so easy. Noise is for sure another point to consider especially with Dubai Habour development going in full force next to the tower. Management of the tower is another interesting point. In my modest opinion managing a residential tower, especially the one that is trying to position itself as a luxury property requires certain level of customer care and attention. However, if you as a resident will have any problem in non business hours, that is after 5pm on work days and on weekends when you are supposed actually to spend time at home, good luck to you in trying to solve this matter. You will get one response that you need to contact management in their work hours only as reception/ concierge/ security have no authority in helping you. Generally my experience in the tower has been positive, however the most disappointing factor is definitely obvious lack of customer orientation which is quite sad as this property is quite expensive.
3.7 /5
Love It
The best thing about this tower is its location. You can easily walk to Marina, JBR, or Media City. Commuting's a breeze and the beach and countless restaurants are a short walk away. It's located right before JBR traffic so it's not too hard to get in and out of the area (although the traffic lights do take forever to change due to the tram). The building also has a great pool (heated when it's cold out and sunny most of the day) and recently renovated gym. The parking garage entrance is very narrow and there is a lot background noise in the area, but overall, I would highly recommend this tower.
4 /5
Botanica Tower
Great tower, well maintained and stunning botanical gardens with awesome views in the middle floor
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I lived here for 3 years and had a 1 bed sea view apartment. It was VERY small but was a lovely place in a well looked after building. The fixtures and fittings are reasonably good quality and the maintenance staff helpful when called upon. Because it is on one of the main access points into the Marina there was an issue with car noise through the night, especially over the weekends and national holidays. Dubai Marina can get a bad rap for its ease of access and living in it can mean you can spend hours in you car waiting to move 1km. Luckily Botanica Tower sits on the edge of the Marina and mostly avoids congestion so you can get the best of both worlds with access to the best Marina living can offer and access out with relative ease.

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