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3.9 /5

Bunyan Tower

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Resident reviews

3.3 /5
Location is great, NO PETS
Lovely building and finishing, on-demand free maintenance compensate for the enormously small size 1 bed flats, they are advertised as 800 SQFT, but more like 600 sqft and feel more like studios despite being listed as "huge" The gym isn't all that great, its quite small without much variety in equipment. The pool and view are great, however the pool is relatively smaller than your average Marina tower pool. There are larger 1 beds available but very few are available, around 10 in the whole tower I believe; however they are a lot more expensive than the smaller 1 beds, but a lot more spacious. PETS are not allowed, so if you're a cat/dog owner or even own a goldfish, this is apparently not allowed as per the contract. Security/staff are very friendly, the tower is super clean, they clean it almost on a daily basis, the garbage chute is sanitized daily, the tower is very well maintained, but be ready to live in a cubicle, if you're after location/metro/on-demand maintenance, this is a great choice, if you're looking for something spacious, this is definitely not for you; unless you go for the larger 1 beds which are a hard find due to the limited units available. Chiller is free and 4 cheques is great, the building is also 1 landlord, meaning you don't have to worry about dealing with unfair rental hikes or title deeds, or access card issues.
3.6 /5
Bunyan Tower
Great Tower, very well maintained with on-demand maintenance team every single day. Apartment sizes are very small, it's not actually 800 SQ FT for one beds, it's more like 650 if you deduct the balcony, closets, etc, its pretty tight for a 1 bed in the Marina, but the finishing compensates the small size and the location is fantastic.
4 /5
Bunyan tower
Lovely building and very central. The only problem I have is the windows not being cleaned often enough.
4.6 /5
Bunyan Tower
Great location, great view. Traffic is better than you might think and the staff are very friendly. Overall a great place to live.