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3.9 /5

Marina Arcade Tower

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How do residents score Marina Arcade Tower in the following categories?
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Gym / pool
Children friendly
Traffic near property
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Resident reviews

4.7 /5
Good building!!
Great building overall....good connectivity around....balcony can be a little noisy sometimes!!
4.3 /5
One of the best buildings in Marina
Since we moved to Marina Arcade in Feb 2020, I can reassure you that every aspect of living in the tower has been absolutely the best. The staff is amazing and friendly The facilities are of the highest level The accessibility to the tower and to SZR cant be better. The finishing of the main hall, hallways, apartments, facilities, etc. are incredible. There is some noise from time to time from the speeding cars (sports cars), however, wherein Dubai do you not have that problem? Overall, I would rate it 4.5/5.
1 /5
Very Noisy
Maintenance not included in the building. Kitchen appliance usally have problems and expensive to repair. Noise usually come from nearby construction and from the road that affect our sleep Guest not allowed to park and no parking around the building. The road to the building usually has heavy traffic. My experience of this building is not the best really.
4.6 /5
Amazing new full facility building!!
This is an exceptional building with all the premium services. Huge parking for residents and big RTA parking lot opposite building. Good quality fixture and fittings
4.7 /5
Excellent location and brand new...good facilities
Excellent location and brand new...good facilities. Concierge, excellent gym and pool, snooker tables, bright and airy units Well maintained with excellent housekeeping facilities good parking facility for residents and guests also

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