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3.3 /5

Marina Gate 1

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Resident reviews

3.6 /5
Good but...
-Traffic congestion (morning&evening) -Blocking of resident parking entrance
3 /5
Marine Gate 1
Good location, modern building, two blocks completed, third in 2020. Pool in building in small for number of residents and gets crowded easily all week during Winter. Noise during the day fine. However depending on the orientation of the apartment and floor, one will pick up lots of music noise from Barasti Nightclub which goes on till 3am especially during Winter.Great access to shops, cafe, and promenade. Excellent parking. Poor access for drop off pick by taxi / Uber. Pricey by apartment size. Short cuts in standard appliances and plug points throughout.
3.4 /5
Good building, however it needs improvement.
It will be a nice building complex once all three towers are completed. Since it's a new building, it takes time to deal with general issues.
3 /5
Great building, but lots of traffic and construction around
A great new building at the heart of the Dubai Marina. You can get to Spinney's pretty easily (across the street) so it's really convenient. The pool is great and the gym is really spacious. However, traffic in the Marina is really rough - especially with the trams cutting through.

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