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2.6 /5

Marina Park

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3.4 /5
Marina Park
The location of the property is accessible to Sheikh Zayed, the metro station, and the tram. The property is also close to JBR which makes it a good place to chill.
2.7 /5
Property is accessible
The location is good as it is near JBR 2 and 8 minutes walk to DMCC Metro Station and tram station that most people are looking at. The building is near a round about so the car noise can be heard inside the apartment specially our unit is in the corner. There is also a construction beside the building which adds to the noise. Even it is a bit noisy, I will still choose this as it is accessible to all my needs like metro and tram station, beach, groceries and restaurants.
1.6 /5
Nothing Good
There is a reason its cheaper than other buildings. Everything is wrong. The building is old so everything breaks all the time. The pool was closed for a year for renovations. The gym smells. The traffic around the building is a nightmare. Rush hour traffic is even worse. The building management owns multiple flats in the building and they are always under maintenance with loud drilling or grinding noises for hours a day and for weeks continuos. If you have young kids or work from home forget about it. The noise will be unbearable. Some of the neighbors are less than hygienic and there is trash on the floor of the garbage room. There are often cockroaches in the corridor and they sneak into apartments. Moving out because the collection of things is unbearable.

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