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4.0 /5

Marina Wharf 2

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Resident reviews

4.1 /5
Nice building, quite new. Great location.
I love the location with one entrance for pedestrians directly from the Marina Promenade.. perfect for joggers and walkers. The apartments are bright with glossy white tiles/doors/kitchen which give a modern touch to the rooms. The tower was handed over in 2018 and is well maintained. Perfect for people who love the vibrant lifestyle of Dubai Marina.
4.7 /5
High standing, modern building with cosy apartments
Nice, wide lobby with large sofas. Large, empty parking. Cosy apartments with excellent interior finishing (Legrand electrical sockets, Honeywell AC thermostat...)
3.9 /5
Single living
A perfect place for singles in Dubai
3.3 /5
Just do it
It sounds very good location and innovative place. Between moving jbr and quiet marina. Voila.

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