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3.6 /5

West Avenue Tower

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Resident reviews

4.4 /5
Fantastic Tower
Great location, close to many shops and restaurants and only walking distance to the beach. Apartments are finished to a high standard and all staff are friendly.
3.3 /5
Very modern & well maintained overall
Overall very good (location, tower, maintenance). BUT: window insulation could be improved; small water tank so can't take a warm bath - shower is ok for 10mins; in 2br some living room layouts (08, 01) are not very practical to furnish, bad smell sometimes from drain, floor to ceiling windows great for light but the tower outdoor glass cleaning happens 3 times per yr so it looks dirty the rest of the time, big balconies but very noisy either on the SZR side or the marina side because of the construction close by silverene.
3.7 /5
Acceptable facilities
Facilities in general were good.gym and pool is ok.
3 /5
The building is good
Great location to live,with very easy access for transportation.