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3.4 /5

Westside Marina

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Resident reviews

4.1 /5
Nice low-rise building
I was staying for 2 years in Westside Marina. I love this building due to location. I afraid skyscrapers in the event of emergency. Also less occupants more space and better leaving. Never traffic in the parking and elevators (comparing with others towers such as Princess tower). A few month ago the construction near building is completed which is huge advantage. Beautiful roof top swimming pool and excellent sauna and steam room which we where often used with friends. Overall I give 5 of 5.
2.6 /5
Good Building with basic emenities
I stayed here for an year, its a good building, small and limited apartments which is clean and with basic amenities. Pros: Great location Clean building Good security staff Basic pool and Gym Easy Marina walk access Cons: Lower flowers have fly / pest problems ( A lot) The gates are remote controlled and very slow, takes ages to open of you have a car. Water supply has issues intermittently. Traffic Noise is high on lower floors. Nearby construction causes dust in balcony frequently.

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