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3.1 /5

Lakeside Tower B

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How do residents score Lakeside Tower B in the following categories?
Staff / Security
Gym / pool
Children friendly
Traffic near property
Guest parking

Resident reviews

1.4 /5
No system in place
Move in Website was not working at time of move, There is no value for security system , Not helping at all
3.3 /5
The walking area around the lake is good
In general all facilities are available, swimming pool, tennis court, kids play area, but swimming pool temperature control is defective all the time. Reasonable rent
4.1 /5
Nice building the security guys are very helpful and educated, the building is very near to the mall, it has a nice walk path just in front of the building
3.6 /5
Big time parking issues...
Amazing location , wonderful high class of people from different countries. Walking distance to new City centre, however there is a major parking issue and i hope Damac will resolve it as soonest.
2.9 /5
Private parking should be taken cared. No overlapping
Very poor maintenance assistance.
3.6 /5
Great living for affordable price
DAMAC standard of property management is maintained on a great level. Brand new community with just opened city centre and Lake front coming up.

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