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4.3 /5

Cedre Villas

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4.4 /5
Best community for kids and best size villas for the price
Best community for kids and best size villas for the price, I searched so many communities before I take the decision because of the sizes are much bigger and the cleaness of the community kids and pool areas and most of all the maintenance I get from DSO management as I signed with them not with private landlord.
4.7 /5
Cedre villas is perfect for families!
You can walk to the shopping mall, or the Gems school. The kids can play on the streets and even walk or take the bike to school with friends. Good restaurants nearby, and close to central Dubai.
3.9 /5
Best place on earth
Great for families and always safe. Everything I need is close by and everyone friendly.
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Cedre Villas are an amazing place to live. All amenities that you need are here. DSOA management is amazing and Facility management is 101%. If anything goes wrong they are here to fix it. Truly amazing community. Quiet & Safe. Value... hmm... well I suppose this is always an area to complain. Rents are going down generally, but they have not here in Cedre Villas, at least not for standing residents. It's about 14 mins - 30 mins from anywhere you might want to be. Overall though it's 100% top.

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