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4.1 /5

Lynx Residence

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Resident reviews

4.1 /5
Lynx Residence is Accessible, Served and new tower
Lynx residence is part of Lynx office and residence block making the entrance to the residential block not facing the street which is child safe but not really elegant way to enter. It has child play area and a tiny tennis court. Security in residence 24/7. Brand new building I was one of the first to ever reside this tower High chance to get a brand new apartment or studio if you're renting around the time of writing this. It's accessible from multiple Silicon entrances not only the main entrance so it gives you choices to avoid morning/evening rush. Pets allowed. Parking accessible by card only and there's no policy for guests as of writing this. Cons: Gas for isn't allowed so you have to get used to electric oven for cooking. Gym is small.

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