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4.5 /5

Elite Sports Residence 5

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Resident reviews

4 /5
Everything is great except the cockroaches!
I would have loved staying here. My apartment has a great view, very convenient but there's one BIG issue. The building is infested with cockroaches. Pest control doesn't seem to help - the building has German cockroaches which are the hardest to terminate. Even with daily cleaning, regular spray - they just keep coming around.
4.9 /5
One of the best in Sports city
I love to live here. Peaceful location well maintained building professional staff
4 /5
Great building`
It's very good building comparing to other Elite residences in Sport city, easy access from roads. The only thing that might be annoying is when there is a cricket match in the stadium so it might take you awhile to go out, other than that it's good
5 /5
Very good building
Very good building . Hope to get metro near it

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