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2.4 /5

Hub Canal 2

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Resident reviews

4 /5
Sport city
Think some reviews are unfair. I have been there many times, visiting my friends. I never had problem parking anywhere to visit and yes, some construction is going on but will finish eventually just like other areas in Dubai. The Sport city is still developing. Renting price is low for that reason now. Maintenance is just same as other buildings in Dubai, they are just all same unless you have the expensive package. The great thing is I can see the canal filled with water and it will be great area once the park around the canal is ready. The bus station is just next to the building. The best thing to know about the building is to ask people who are living in there now.
1 /5
Old and no maintenance
Building inside apartment is nice. Bad AC very loud, and doesn’t give cold air. No maintenance in building. No gym/no pool.. finishing is nice, calm area. Bad smell in building and through ventilation.
1.9 /5
Poor maintenance.and old building
The lift is noise and corridor AC is not available. Inside the apartment AC is very noicie while running. During the summer dewa Bill is above 1000 AED. For 1bhk. Pool and gym is not up-to-date. . Only things apartment are bigger compared to other buildings
2.7 /5
Very old building with poor maintenance - No GYM
The building is old but has been opened for renting recently. No AC in corridoors, no gym (though they have an area dedicated towards it) but looks they are not ready to invest in equipments. In the current scenario, play areas , pools have been indefinitely closed though other near by apartments have opened up (again saving cost of maintenance). Much better, brand new and cheaper units are available in sports city now.
2.3 /5
Bad building
The amenities and facilities in thew building are very bad AC in the units is very noisy. (and has a very high consumption reflected in the DEWA bill). No AC in corridors or reception, in the summer it's miserable. The corridors of the building are full of residents items. (shoes cabinets, furniture, unused items). Finishing inside the building is very low quality. The only good thing is the units area (fair comparing to other sports city units).

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