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3.4 /5

Al Dhafra 1

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Resident reviews

2.3 /5
Poor maintenance by Emaar
Beautiful area, but poorly maintained by Emaar. The building is not cleaned regularly , but you can always find the cleaners sitting in the gym. Same for outdoor maintenance , where they use heavy machines to mow grass every single week and create unbearable noise. Not every building has security, so expect unwanted visitors to ring your door and advertise all sort of things.
4.6 /5
Good Community
Good for families and children. Convenient and near lots of attractions in Dubai. GYM, Pool, BBQ area, play area. Maintenance by Emaar is best in class.
3.3 /5
Great place to live for pet parents
Amazing greenery, great neighbours, medium noise. Building is old for Dubai but generally well maintained but takes a while for hallway lights to be switched and is not cleaned regularly in the stairwells. Amazing area for pet parents and tenants who are not too afraid of dogs.

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