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2.7 /5

Al Ghozlan 2

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1.9 /5
Al Ghozlan community In General
I lived in Al Ghozlan 2 for 8 years, the building has aged and the people has changed. Kids screaming in the corridor, leaving their shoes in the corridor, and in general the apartment living culture has swept away from the building. There is no allocated security at the entrance and in the building, they will come if you call their hotline and complaint. The tiles started to come off and the AC units need sensitization. All the AC had problem with insulation and they changed it, but mold and fungus was spread all the units. This is applicable to all the Old Greens.
2.3 /5
Traffic Noise for apartments facing the Teecom side
If you are renting a flat facing the Teecom side then be prepared for the constant traffic noise. It is impossible to open your windows to let in fresh air as the traffic noise is very loud and will surely disturb you endlessly. When we moved in few years back it was peaceful but not anymore so I really do not understand the premium rents as the quality of living has considerably deteriorated. Also, the building/apartments are quite old and there are issues with tiles coming off in the apartments and some issues that may call for regular maintenance. However, the common areas are well maintained by Emaar.
3.9 /5
717, Old flat, building need more updated,
The building quite old , need update more, the flat keep being down but landlords not really care, Play ground is ok, not great need more repair, swimming pool good, the price is too high compare quality there

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