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3.7 /5

Amwaj 4

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Resident reviews

3.9 /5
Good quality for a good price
One of the best building in dubai.everything you need is nearby which makes everything easy.
4.3 /5
Easy access
Great location to access numerous amenities and services such as banks, groceries, money exchange etc. Two minute walk to the beach and a host of really great restaurants. Also in a good location for food delivery access.
2.9 /5
Too noisy
I have been living there for about 7 years and can tell that too noisy and traffic in JBR can characterise only one word "disaster" it takes me no less than 40 minutes to get to Amwaj from the last intersection Sheikh Zaed road. But not far from my place Sheraton where I can watch football and they give 30 per cent discount for food and beverages not bad and you can visit a comfortable beach near your building find a lot of shops in the vicinity but all of them are for tourists (prices there are not adequate).

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