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3.5 /5

Bahar 1

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Resident reviews

4.1 /5
Coastal living with an urban feel
JBR walk is a cosmopolitan area with direct access to the beach and all the activity that living by the coast can bring. Its a must visit destination but for me its also a must live area.
4.1 /5
Best cluster in whole JBR
I lived in Bahar for over 6 years and its one of the best location in terms of convenience, children and lifestyle. The area is upgraded for residence with all facilities. No doubt its the best location in JBR.
3 /5
Should be peaceful and easily accessable
3.6 /5
Jbr bahar 1 review
Good building to live in but.one big issue is how to exit parking and leave marina..no u turn no left turn allowed...also no guest parking and heavy traffic at the marina at some times.
2.7 /5
Leaving at the beach!
Although leaving in Jbr was convenient, coming home to traffic was a nightmare. Security were friendly but in the parking area would always change. The area is like a giant playground however, lots to do for kids and adults alike, forever awake, Jbr will always be a memorable place for me!

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