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3.2 /5

Murjan 1

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2.6 /5
Murjan 1 Review
Getting in and out of the building on the weekend is a nightmare due to traffic and low floor flats are extremely noisy.
3.9 /5
Wonderful area and property
Jbr is one of the most prime locations to live in Dubai with the beach mall and the array of restaurants and so many activities . Needless to say all buildings in Jbr enjoy some common facilities like shared pools , community gym , grocery stores . Murjan also has a Medcare clinic on its plaza level which it shares with Sadaf . It is a very child friendly building and location and is wonderful for families and couples . The building is well maintained with resident access cards required to enter for security . The surveillance cameras and proper checks on fire safety as well . The security staff , cleaners all are very friendly and helpful . There is a caribou coffee shop and empower office on the plaza level of the building . Three grocery stores including a Carrefour on plaza . The apartments facing marina might experience some noise from a roaring motorbike or car otherwise it is a fairly quiet and peaceful building . Very child friendly and staff is vigilant . Also the plaza level allows children to spend their evening playing without having to go anywhere and fear of cars or motorbikes . Overall a lovely building with just the right amenities for the cost .

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