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3.9 /5

Rimal 3

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Resident reviews

4.7 /5
Excellent place to live
I love living here. It's great for beach, restaurants, marina, shops and everything in walking distance.
3.9 /5
Great accessibility
I love Rimal & Bahar. They are located in the heart of JBR. Whatever name it at JBR is very close by Rimal & Bahar
3.7 /5
We stayed in this apartment for ONE MONTH
The apartment location is perfect. Parking is very good. The actual inside of this apartment left a lot to be desired. The cleanliness was very poor, I had to clean everything with bleach and Anti bacterial spray. The only things I was unable to clean was the air conditioning vents which are filthy and the lights hanging from the ceiling. In a whole month the sheets were changed twice, not as per specification. The next person who goes in here will find everything nearly perfect. Lovely flat, shame they don't maintain it to Dubai standards.
3.3 /5
JBR great place to live!
The buildings are a bit tired, the quality of the apartments vary quite a bit depending on how well the owner maintained it. However the neighbor is excellent! Highly recommend!