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3.3 /5

Lake Shore Tower

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Resident reviews

2.1 /5
Paper thin walls
Building is occupied by large families with children. Kids roaming around in the hallways. Zero sound insulation when it comes to main door and very little when it comes to actual walls. You will hear whatever happens in the apartment next door, be it them having an argument or watching TV. Secury and building management are of no actual help when it comes to resolving noise issues, even if it's late at night. Rusty water is leaking through the cracks, windows have only been cleaned once in a year, broken glass in a pool area that had not been fixed in a year, dead palm trees. A/c company is billing high and irregular, no customer service.
2.6 /5
Worst Security service
Lakeshore Building is a great facility, but it has the worst security staff and strict rules that makes your life just hard. They don't like to help you or make extra effort
3.9 /5
Lake Shore Tower
Excellent Pool, good location: close to Metro station, and the location of this cluster avoid the unnecessary JLT circle if you drive car. No issue with service.
5 /5
Fantastic Building, Great Community, Awesome location!
Great building, lived there for three years. Wonderful neighbors and best location in JLT. Extremely safe with redeveloped facilities. Quiet and peaceful with a lovely pool.
2 /5
Try to avoid
One of the biggest problems is that the building is very worn out. The main water pipe broke 4 to 5 times in 4 months and the while building is submerged with water. Elevators not working had to take the stairs several times.The parking is a nightmare. If u have gets its even worse. Cos they have to park max for 2 hours or else they end up paying 200 dhs. The DMCC rules are changing everyday. Even the tower itself rules are changed everyday. The management is completely a loser. Would never advise to live here. Can't wait to move out.
4 /5
Lakeshore Tower
A. This is a tower for families who need a big kitchen with space for both washing machine and a dishwasher. Very few towers in JLT have these basic amenities. B. The 2 & 3 bed apartments have large Maid's room. C. The bathrooms are also large with separate enclosures for shower space. D. This is the first tower in entire JLT (cluster "Y") to enter from Sheikh zayed road, hence easy to enter and exit. E. 10 minutes walk from nearest Metro Station i.e. Damac Properties. F. Good Gym and swimming pool on the ground floor. Many towers have it on the top floor which is too windy at times. G. Tower with nice lobby and reasonable maintenance. H. Zoom market located in next tower in same cluster. Carrefour & Spinneys 5 min walk. I. Aster Pharmacy and Medical Clinic nearby 5 min walk. J. Ample parking space. K. Etisalat & Du facilities available. L. Lakeshore is the only residential tower in the Y Cluster and other 2 towers are commercial buildings, hence quite in evening.