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3.5 /5

Global Lake View

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Resident reviews

1.9 /5
The pool is closed here
You'll never know when it's open, because no one, even management will tell you. "We don't know, they don't tell us". Who are "they" and why they don't tell is also not clear. Don't pay extra here for lack of facilities.
5 /5
Fantastic location. Great service and amenities in and around the tower. Good community feeling
1 /5
Location the only advantage
For the price point, location is the only advantage. Other than than building has poor management, leakages and sewer smell coming from AC vents. I stayed there for a year and suffered. Stay away from the building and specially Best Deal Real Estate. Dont loose your hard earned money.
5 /5
Strategically located Tower
Excellent location, near all supermarkets, pharmacies and lake. The Tower has gone through major maintenance response improvement recently and the new company is keeping the tower in very good shape.
3.6 /5
No traffic issue
Great location since we change our house.
4.1 /5
Friendly Staff
Good area,staffs are friendly and professional
4.6 /5
Quite good building
This is an amazing building but like many buildings in dubai I wish it was stukc in the middle of a high traffic area
3 /5
Great inside but not outside
Staff are friendly but the traffic noise and parking situation are tough to get over
3.3 /5
Worst drainage
Drainage in the buildings is the worst