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3.3 /5

Lake City Tower

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Resident reviews

3.7 /5
This building is close to everything, supermarkets, coffee shops, metro, offices, pharmacies etc.
4.1 /5
Great Tower
Lake city tower is one of the best tower in JLT, The layout of the apartments are unique. It is an eye of the investors with low service charges and very high yield. Proximity wise it is next building to DMCC Metro Station nearest to marina, and hospitals with an easy access to beach. In short I would like to say that Lake City Tower is my favourite tower and always suggest to my all nears.
4.1 /5
Great location
Good place to live close to everything ...and specially the metro and Marina
4.4 /5
very good location , easy access
very convenient building closed to Metra/TRAM stations, many options for different types of restaurants, very friendly/kind persons
3.6 /5
Lake City Tower
Good building. Easy access to metro. Best location. Area has lot of good restaurants and shops.
4.4 /5
Lack city tower
LCT I like this tower is near to metro Dubai & tram close to this tower they are big green spaces to walk & doing sport
2 /5
Do not even consider this building.
As I was new to Dubai and in need of a place to live in quickly. Lake City Tower seems great from an outsider's point of view. It's in JLT with great access to SZR, It's in Cluster D right outside the DMCC Metro station, there are supermarkets around and the view seems nice. However, the second I was handed the key, it all became clear that it isn't as great as it seems as the management is so messed up they will try to charge you for every single little thing possible. To move in furniture I was told that I needed to settle fees of the AC bills belonging to the previous tenant which was absurd. Besides the dysfunctional management, the cockroaches never go away no matter what you do. The fire alarm is on every 30 mins, and the elevators break down very very often. It is quite evident that the building is not regulated as lots of apartments are overcrowded with noisy tenants blasting very loud music very late at night. Security's main job is not to protect the residents from outsiders, in fact, it seems that the only dangerous thing in their eyes are little pieces of furniture because they will stop you and not let you in the building without a move in form that takes forever to formalize with the profit making management, however, they do not control who comes in the building which is a huge problem safety wise. Overall, do not move there.
2.4 /5
Very High Cost with no value
I have a 2 BR apartment and I pay almost 1k per month for AC only, I only turn it on while sleeping for 8 hours and nothing more.. applying for a visa is easier than calling a maintenance guy .. building is very old and low maintained, when it rained last year the elevators were shutdown and we all had to go home using the stairs (i live in 13).. AC is not maintained at all and always smell bad.. also avoid apartment 1301, landlord doesn't care about anything except taking your money.
1.6 /5
Daily fire alarms multiple times a day & night
If not THE worst building in JLT, we're near the bottom! The fire alarm system "is currently being tested". That is the official answer given to residents when they ask why the fire alarm is triggering multiple times a day and night. It has been the same answer for the last 9 months now, that's kind of long test period... The day a REAL fire will break out, no one will care, and all the residents life will be seriously in danger because of the negligence of the building management (Tiger Properties). If you still want to try your luck against fire, please note that you will also fight against random AC billing. Expect to pay between 300 to 500 AED monthly without even switching on the AC, for an apartment around 800sqft. The gym is minuscule, the swimming pool even more, and feels like an open air prison. Be prepared to meet a lot of cockroaches through out your stay in Lake City Tower. The general quality of the apartment is very poor, noise isolation is a luxury you will not find here, just hope that residents on your floor are quiet people. Spoiler alert, they usually are not. The only good point about this building, is its location in front of the metro station. The maintenance people (plumber & electrician) are very friendly and usually do a good job. Some security guards are really friendly, some are disrespectful toward women, some barely speak English... You will find a bit of everything. We would have moved to another building if we knew that before hand. Hope this will help someone some day.
2.4 /5
Maintenance disaster
Maintenance in the building is terrible and can really become a hassle causing too many distractions in my day to day

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