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3.8 /5

Icon Tower 1

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Resident reviews

3.7 /5
Nice place
Was a good place I must say, you will love it also, but I you just need to try, thank you.
5 /5
Great value, solid building
Solid concrete walls (not gypsum boards) which is important for privacy and it's also very clean building One of the better building in terms of Maintenance and friendly staff
4.1 /5
Family Building
Nice quiet family building with good security and building staff. Cleanliness well maintained.
3 /5
Icon 1
The building is old and need renovation, always bad smell in the corridors ... The pool too small !
4.4 /5
Best Prices and Fully Family Building
Its fully family building, plus the building is very well maintained, the price we get here are actually very reasonable.
2.7 /5
Not bad
Noise around the neighborhood because of the construction
2.7 /5
To the Managment
You are alaways late on the anual meetings we need to attend on time
4.3 /5
Value for Money
Lower rents and limited availability of my apt layout. The building is located in the quite side with close proximity to move pick. Overall a great property

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