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3.1 /5

Laguna Tower

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Resident reviews

4.4 /5
Hands down the best building in JLT
This is one of the very few buildings in JLT which is worthwhile. We have been living here for 5 years and the maintenance has improved considerably. The lobby is shared with hotel Movenpick and so is top-notch. Apartments are bright and spacious. There is no traffic at all, and so I would pick this particular cluster over Dubai Marina any day.
2 /5
Not that good
Stayed there for couple of years, although apartments are bigger than average but there are few notes to consider 1- Building maintenance is really bad, common issues with AC and water leakage, you need to get external chargeable contractors which even reception provide their number! 2- Staff is ok but not very professional over the calls 3- There is building under construction on the other side of the lake, sound is horrible all day 4- There is no GYM for residents, the one there is for the hotel which is very expensive to have residence membership 5- Because it is hotel so traffic is always super busy on weekend nights 6- No free guest parking
4.6 /5
Beautiful tower and location
I like the clean smell of brome when entering the tower. It is one of the few places where it feels like a hotel as you step in. Some units have an exceptional, unobstructed view which is a plus. It's extremely lively, and while the maintenance can be a little busy at times, I found it more useful than other towers in JLT, and got the job done for a decent price. The limited number of elevators is compensated by the fact that they separated lifts for servicing, hotel guests, and residents into 3 distinct space, which means I usually wait about 30 seconds max to get a lift as a resident. Staff at the reception is friendly and organized. The gym & pool are excellent, but only put 4 stars because while the pool is freely available to residents, the gym has a separate cost.
2 /5
Horrible maintenance
Stayed there for 3 years and finally left because of the maintenance; don't get surprised when that tower maintenance team tell you that they don't know how to fix your electric issue or other issues and ask you to contact 3rd parties for charge; all what they can fix is light bulbs which they sell for 5 times more than the market price ! Only 3 lifts available and always at least one of them is out of service and takes at least 2 months to get fixed. Reception staff is ok but they don't know how to escalate when you have something urgent. GYM is not for free; and no guest parking; the rooms sizes are ok but not a reason to stay in that tower at all !
2.1 /5
Poor Maintenance, Mold and uncleanliness
When we entered, the elevators were slow. The units are a good size, but each floor smelled like residual smoke or mold. Units have mold growing on the walls. The size and layouts are good size and comfortable. Unfortunately the overall maintenance of the building is questionable. Redeeming factor is the nice restaurant below the building... but I would not recommend to live there.
3.6 /5
Best in JLT
One the Best Buildings in JLT. The building had maintenance problems initially but most of it is fixed now. Always clean and in great shape due to the Hotel. Only problem is the Visitors Parking. Besides that definitely one of the best choices if you wanna move to JLT.
3.7 /5
The good... and not so good!
The very good: great location (metro, beach, mall, etc.), no traffic at all (leave at 8 am, return at 5 pm), beautiful lobby, nice staff (especially concierge), very children friendly, fantastic views and no noise for apartments on south side (opposite hotel entrance), big units + … hotel in the building so 24/7 taxis and… 5 restaurants! When you want to go out… just take the elevator (all restaurants with resident discounts). The good: common area with great pool (not very big though) and jacuzzi, but you have pay for the gym (annoying). Well maintained common area (because of the hotel), especially the ground floor. If you like eating out, lots of cheap restaurants and the best ice cream we’ve had in Dubai just downstairs. 24/7 market in the building next door. Good security… the way it should be done (don’t harass residents, but don’t just let anybody in). The bad: used to be problems with the elevators (seems to be fixed for the past 6 months). The only way to get good maintenance is from the Syed Shah team. They seem to be the ONLY ONES that know SOMETHING about the building (and sometimes even they cannot find a solution). All the others are totally useless. The units with problems are easy to spot though so, if it looks nice, it is probably an okay unit (maintenance on those is like elsewhere in Dubai… go with Syed and you will be fine). Guest parking is easy if you don’t mind paying (otherwise take the metro).
3.9 /5
Really bad maintenance
Building has serious issues with wits water pipes, it always smells terrible. and the general maintenance of the apartment is terrible. Good location though, and the staff are good.
2.7 /5
Constant Maintenance Issues
The Good - Great location, no traffic issues, huge apartment, easy access to several restaurants and bars, easy to get a taxi due to hotel. The Bad - constant leaks, clueless and unresponsive maintenance team, lack of visitor parking, lack of resident parking (we have a 3 bed and only get one spot - have to rent a second spot for a huge fee), no free gym for residents.
2 /5
Great location but terrible construction
Great location with easy access to SZR and Marina. The building itself however is terrible. Very poorly constructed , water pipes bursting somewhere at least once a month, maintenance team is terrible and lift access to residential floors is not up to building code. Due to the hotel downstairs car horns are a common problem, so if you're looking to move in get an apartment not facing the front. Nice pool area however the gym is only available if you pay an additional membership fee, which is quite expensive. I'm happy to be moving out.