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2.9 /5

Laguna Tower

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Resident reviews

2.1 /5
Poor Maintenance, Mold and uncleanliness
When we entered, the elevators were slow. The units are a good size, but each floor smelled like residual smoke or mold. Units have mold growing on the walls. The size and layouts are good size and comfortable. Unfortunately the overall maintenance of the building is questionable. Redeeming factor is the nice restaurant below the building... but I would not recommend to live there.
3.6 /5
Best in JLT
One the Best Buildings in JLT. The building had maintenance problems initially but most of it is fixed now. Always clean and in great shape due to the Hotel. Only problem is the Visitors Parking. Besides that definitely one of the best choices if you wanna move to JLT.
3.9 /5
Really bad maintenance
Building has serious issues with wits water pipes, it always smells terrible. and the general maintenance of the apartment is terrible. Good location though, and the staff are good.
2.7 /5
Constant Maintenance Issues
The Good - Great location, no traffic issues, huge apartment, easy access to several restaurants and bars, easy to get a taxi due to hotel. The Bad - constant leaks, clueless and unresponsive maintenance team, lack of visitor parking, lack of resident parking (we have a 3 bed and only get one spot - have to rent a second spot for a huge fee), no free gym for residents.
2 /5
Great location but terrible construction
Great location with easy access to SZR and Marina. The building itself however is terrible. Very poorly constructed , water pipes bursting somewhere at least once a month, maintenance team is terrible and lift access to residential floors is not up to building code. Due to the hotel downstairs car horns are a common problem, so if you're looking to move in get an apartment not facing the front. Nice pool area however the gym is only available if you pay an additional membership fee, which is quite expensive. I'm happy to be moving out.
2.4 /5
Movenpick (Laguna Tower)
Very poorly built building. Continuing problems with lifts breaking down and major problems with leaks all over the building, including the hotel. Maintenance a nightmare to deal with.
3 /5
Movenpick (Laguna Tower)
Nice location, close to shopping, pharmacy, restaurants. Parking for visitors can be a challenge due to the hotel and number of restaurants near by or in the building.
3.7 /5
Laguna Tower JLT
Good connectivity but not very well lit and lacks guest parking. Ample availability of taxis owing to movenpick.. Excellent for new movers to dubai ...